Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

    CTS-PA22A is a portable 64-CH phased array ultrasonic flaw detector originally developed by GOWORLD. It’s water&oil -proof , fan-free and with touch pad. Whole-process data logging, innovative phased array probes and inspection methods being the advantages, this model guarantees superior performance and support, which makes it among the best of its kind for high C/P ratio.

    Working with the stylish wheel probe:

    → by touching or pressing to operate the instrument
    → fan-free heat dissipation; water&dust -proof
    → metallic housing against collision or tumble
    → linkage between scanner and the instrument
    → laser line to direct scanning
    → adjustable probe angle with scale inside the wheel
    → encoder to be installed on the probe
    → a void left for a GPS unit in the middle of the scanner to be applied to tubes

    • Dynamic Focusing
    • T-R Mode
    • 3D Simulation Model
    • APP Menu
    • PCT
    • Metallic Housing
    • Pedestal


    • 16:64 PA Configuration and 2 Conventional Channels (T&R).
    • 3D simulation model, customizable with one-for-all solutions(instrument+probe+scenario).
    • Image Smoothing.
    • Dynamic Depth-Focusing for high discernibility at different depths.
    • Omnisealed, water&dust -proof but capable of fan-free heat dissipation, over any adversities.
    • Delay precision up to 2.5ns; evident inhibition on sidelobes as to enhance vertical and horizontal discernibility, as well as to improve imaging definition.
    • Responsive A/L/S/C scan imaging; Encoder used for continuity of 100%-original-data logging.
    • Supportive of ACG and TCG curves specified by ASME, to solve the problem of poor energy distribution and measurement accuracy.
    • Focal laws to be automatically generated according to beam angle, focal length, scan mode, specs of probe and wedge, with auto-optimized angle stepping of S-scan.
    • 3 options of filtering: 0.5-9.7MHz、4.0-12.5MHz、6.7-20.8MHz; Auto Optimization of pulse width according to probe frequency; Excellent noise processing.
    • 11-inch IG & WVGA (800x600) TFT display, touch pad, ensuring nice visual effect outdoors or under strong sunlight.
    • Ergonomic panel suitable for both hands operating; Hotkey parameters setting; USB port for instant data dump; HDMI port for external display of unlimited size.
    • Host Software supplied for analysis, continuity of data logging, etc.
    • AC/DC optional, allowing engagement of 2 pieces of battery collectively, in turn or by hot swap, to make sure duration of 6+ hrs.
  • Channel Configuration

    PA: 16:64

    Cvt’l UT: 2 CH

    Physical Specification

    Display: 11-inch 800X600 TFT color display
    Transducer Ports: I-PEX 160-pin PA transducer port; Lemo-00 conventional transducer Port, for either T-R or T/R
    I/O Ports: USB 2.0 (Qty:2) ; HDMI; LAN (GB Ethernet); WIFI;
    GPS; GSM; 2D encoder
    Registers: In-Built: 16G RAM+4GB FLASH SD card; External: USB drive
    Weight: 5.5Kg (with batteries)
    Dimension (mm): 298(L) x 198(H) x 106(W)

    Power Supply: AC (100V-240V); DC(12V)
    Charging: external charger
    Battery Life: 6 hrs
    Working Power: 24W
    Language: English
    Temperature Conditions: ambiance(-20℃~50℃); storage(-20℃~60℃)
    IP: IP54

    Performance Specification - PA

    PRF: 50Hz~ 10kHz
    Voltage: Bipolar ±45V ~±100V, 5V per step
    Pulse Width: 20ns~ 800ns, 5ns per step
    Damping: 50Ω
    Sampling Rate: 100MHz
    Delay Precision: 2.5ns
    Rx Delay: 0us~ 40us
    Bandwidth: 0.5MHz~ 20MHz
    Gain: 0.0dB~ 90dB
    Filter:0.5~ 9.7MHz、4.0~ 12.5MHz、6.7~ 20.8MHz optional
    Rectification: FW
    Rejection: 0~ 80%
    Scan Mode: L/S/C -scan
    Triggering: Encoder

    Scan Lines: Max 128
    Angle: L-scan(-85°~ +85); S-scan (-85°~ +85°)
    Auto-Cal: TCG、ACG
    Reach: 0.0mm~ 1000mm; min available (1mm)
    Displaying Delay(Max): 1000mm
    Unit: mm
    Gate: A、B
    Gate Start: available within the reach
    Gate Width: available within the reach
    Gate Height (Threshold): 5%~ 95%
    Alarming: buzzer/LED
    Measurement Spot: crest/flank
    Readout: amplitude; beampath; horizontal; depth
    Measurement Resolution: 0.5mm

    Performance Specification - Conventional UT

    PRF: 50Hz~ 10kHz
    Voltage: negative square wave -75V~-250V ; 25V per step
    Pulse Width: 20ns~800ns; 5ns per step
    Damping: 80Ω、400Ω
    Sampling Rate: 200MHz
    Bandwidth: 0.5MHz~ 15MHz
    Gain: 0.0dB~ 110.0dB
    Filter:wideband; narrowband
    Rectification: FW
    Rejection: 0~ 80%
    Scan Mode: A扫
    Auto-Cal: DAC、AVG

    Reach: 0.0mm~ 2000mm
    Displaying Delay (Max): 2000mm
    Displaying Shift (Max): 2000mm
    Unit: mm
    Gate: A、B
    Gate Start: available within the reach
    Gate Width: available within the reach
    Gate Height (Threshold): 5%~ 95%
    Alarming: buzzer/LED
    Measurement Spot: crest/flank
    Readout: amplitude/beampath/horizontal/depth
    Measurement Resolution: 0.1mm

  • Showcase Album

    Crankshaft R Corner
    Common or special welded seams of steel structure, utility boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline, nuclear power infrastructures, watercraft, oil tank, ethylene tube, etc.
    Railway welded seams, locomotive wheel sets and axles.
    Aluminum alloy FSW butts and bondings of composites used in aerospace industry.
    Blades and bolts used in power industry.
    Cases when there’s not enough space for movement whilst inspection; Cases when conventional UT is preferred.
  • Video Zone:



    Common Butt-Weld Joint


    Crankshaft R Corner