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C-scan by Phased Array on Composites

1. Flat Object

Solution 1: Roller-styled PA probe and the CTS-2108PA instrument are two essentials to a complete efficient set of PA C-scan system. The “A+L+C” module plays and probe with aqueous layer as couplant rolls slightly, then comes the image. It’s perfectly applicable to flat objects of composites with wider area.

Solution 2: A double-string encoder, a Hi-R phased array probe and the CTS-2108PA instrument (2D C-scan module) jointly make up the system. The encoder is fixed at certain place on the object by magnetism or vac-sorb. Both clamps respectively tied to the strings of encoder are nipped to the probe. The probe can go anywhere within the area of the flat just as simply as the “brushing” move. Objects with small curvature are also deal-able with this scenario.

Solution 3: The process is done with a set of scanner comprised by a Hi-R PA probe and a Hi-PRN water/dust-proof encoder. The probe is supplied with various wedges in view of the case. Objects made of composites with wider area can be fully imaged under C-scan in this way. The same should be true of those with narrow space for movement. Convenience, handiness and flexibility are the features.

2. Round Corner

Area array or linear array probe and wedges for respective purposes supplied to CTS-2108PA solve the problem of C-scan on round corners.