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Phased Array GW (Guide-wave) Inspection on Sheets

It’s difficult to carry out inspection on sheets by means of SW of one- or two-leg beampath, or LW cast normally, whereas phased array GW is suitable to quick inspection on sheets of large area. GW is theoretically generated by a series of superposed interferences and geometric dispersion caused by multiple reflections of ultrasonic waves within the medium of limited room. Conventionally, GW is produced by single-element and only one-beam coverage. Area scan is achieved by lines as the probe moving across, so the whole area cannot be viewed in one sight. Otherwise, annular multi-element probe is employed to drive multiple GW beams at the same time for area scan but mainly used in pipe detection and not applicable to phased array mode.

Phased array GW detection relies on the capabilities of focusing and electric scanning exclusively set in PA instrument, which has become the best solution to efficient inspection on sheets.

1. GW process module of theCTS-2108PA instrument.

The GW dispersion curve is calculated and the probe -driving parameters are chosen according to conditions of the object.

U-V Curves                             A-F Curves of Driving

Curves of Group Velocity                              Curves of Phase Velocity

2. Setting of Sensitivity Surplus

Take the end-side or retangular slot of the object as reference.

3. Detection of Sole Hole

4. Detection of Multiple Holes