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  • 1957s~1969s
  • 1970s~1979s
  • 1980s~1989s
  • 1990s~1999s
  • 2000s~Up till Now


  • Shantou Wireless Plant, was established in 1957 as the predecessor of Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
  • Its first ultrasonic medical diagnoser TS-1 was developed in 1962.
  • In 1963 TS-2 as a metal ultrasonic flaw detector was developed, followed by batches of production, which pave the way for the plant's business in ultrasonic instrument.
  • In 1964 CTS-4 Railway USFD was developed.
  • In 1965 the municipal government of Shantou permitted and legalized the Shantou Wireless Plant to be Shantou Electronic Instrument of Ultrasonic Plant. The "Shantou" Brand thus was registered as a trademark. From then on, the "Shantou" Brand got widely spread.
  • In 1965 the ultrasonic diagnoser CTS-5 and the ultrasonic flaw detector CTS-6, CTS-8 were developed.
  • The bifilar OSC with high sensitiviy SBR-1 was developed in 1967.
  • In 1969 CTS-12 USFD came out and Bifilar Quadru-track OSC SBS-2(2A)came out.


  • In 1970 SBZ-3(3A)、10(10B)TV OSC was developed.
  • In 1970 CTS-11 USFD was given birth to.
  • In 1971 SR-19 dual-trace OSC was developed.
  • In 1972 CTS-14(14A)10-channel USFD was developed.
  • In 1973 CTS-15 USFD was develped.
  • In 1974 Shantou Electronic Instrument of Ultrasonic Plant established its plant-run institute- "Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic and Electronic".
  • In 1974 CTS-8A portable USFD and CTS-16 Ultrasonic Diagnoser came out.
  • In 1976 SHN Series Transducers were developed.
  • 1In 1978 the plant-run institute was renamed to "Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instrument" (SIUI).
  • In 1978 SHS-1 Digital UT T-Guage and SZG-1 Ultrasonic Anto Detecting Apparatus for Tube were developed.
  • In 1979 the municipal government of Shantou changed the "Shantou Electronic Instrument of Ultrasonic Plant" to "Shantou Ultrasonic Equipment Industry Co."
  • In 1979 CTS-8C portable USFD was developed.


  • In 1980 CTS-21、22 USFD、probe-purposed LM-PZT materials and SR76/77 Bi-filar OSC were developed.
  • In 1981 CTS-25 Non-metal USFD、CTS-18 Linear Array Ultrasonic Imager Diagnoser 、focus-variable probe/Rayleigh wave probe/immersion probe/dual-element probe are all developed.
  • In 1982 XT-20A portable general-purposed OSC and 5P10K1-DR50 focusing angle probe came out.
  • In 1983 CTS-23、26 USFD were developed.
  • In 1988 ST4621 physiology OSC came out.
  • In 1989 GBH-1 Reinforcement Cover Tester and GT-1 handcarted Rail detector were developed.


  • In 1990 the Company-run R & D center was founded.
  • In 1990 PTC-220 Semiconductor thermistor, SMU-2 Ultrasonic Cyesiognoser、SS/10A、20A IPC Microcomputer System、STD Board-level Series IPC Module、BSR-1(1A) EGG、CTS-31 Intrinsically Safe Type Non-metal USFD were developed.
  • In 1991 GT-1B handcarted rail detector、JE Series(413)Intelligent telegraph terminal and PT piezoelectric ceramics Ultrasonic Vibrator were all developed.
  • In 1992 all the subsidiaries shared their parent name "Shantou Ultrasonic & Electronic Group" In the same year, for some administrative purpose of the government, our plant-run SIUI was separated from the group and became independent. (Our company was partitioned as responsible for developing and selling industrial UT instruments, while SIUI for researching and promoting medical UT instruments.
  • In 1992 CTS-45 Nonmetal Ultrasonic Detecting Analyzer 、CTS-8002CTS-8002 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 、CTS-8010 Color Ultrasonic Imaging Flaw Detector 、CTS-380 S-scan Ultrasonic Diagoser were all developed.
  • In 1993 GT-1C handcarted Rail Detector came out.
  • In 1994 CTS-46 6-channel USFD、CTS-8005 USFD came out.
  • In 1997 Guangdong Goworld Co.,Ltd. was officially established,listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange,Stock Name“Goworld” Stock Code:000823.
  • In 1997 CTS-8005A USFD was developed.
  • In 1999 the corporate postdoctoral Science & Research workstation became listed on board.
  • In 1999 CTS-9002 portable digital USFD came out.

2000s~Up till Now

  • In 2002 CTS-9002 Raiway Locomotive-purposed USFD came out.
  • In 2003 CTS-8006 Multi-channel Digital USFD came out.
  • In 2004 yearly sales turnover of the Goworld exceeds 1 billion.
  • In 2005 CTS-9003 Series USFD、Piston-purposed USFD Kit came out.
  • In 2006 GT-2 Digital Ultrasonic Railway Flaw Detector and CTS-9008 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Porcelain Insulator came out.
  • In 2007 yearly sales turnover of the Goworld exceeds 2 billion.
  • In 2007 CTS-400 Series UT T-Guage came out.
  • In 2008 CTS-1008 Series USFD came out.
  • In 2010 CTS-1002、1003 Series USFD were developed.
  • In 2011 yearly sales turnover of the Goworld exceeds 3 billion.
  • In 2011 CTS-1008plus TOFD USFD, CTS-8077PR Pulser-receiverCTS-04PC 4-channel USFD Board were all developed.
  • In 2012 yearly sales turnover of the Goworld exceeds 3.64 billion.
  • In 2012 CTS-2108 Phased Array Detector, CTS-2009 TOFD Multi-channel USFD,CTS-2008 Portable Multi-channel USFD, CTS-65 Non-metal Tester and CTS-608 portable ET Detector came out.
  • In 2013 5-axle UT C-scan Immersion Detecting System, The electromagnetic ultrasonic T-Gauge, UT-ET Integrated Board CTS-1010、9002+ Series USFD......