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CTS-9002plus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The CTS-9002plus is a lightweight and portable digital flaw detector which is upgraded on the basis of the CTS-9002.

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TheCTS-9002plus is a lightweight and portable digital flaw detector which is upgraded on the basis of the CTS-9002. With the features of high performance, stability, reliability and multipurpose function, it is widely used in the fields of electric power, pressure vessels, railway, space & aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy etc. as an universal ultrasonic testing.

  • Easy upgrade and maintenance with an independent intellectual property right.
  • Handy and economic design, small size, weight only 1.8 kg including batteries.
  • Large screen EL display with excellent brightness and clarity even in low temperature.
  • Simple operation with clearly arranged keyboards and fast rotary knob adjustments.
  • High sensitivity.
  • A total of attenuation is up to 120dB.
  • Auto gain control and Transducers's K value calibration.
  • Material thickness and sound velocity measurement.
  • Create and recall DAC curve quickly and the curve can be varied with the display range and attenuation.
  • Standard print port and RS-232 interface for transferring data or results to a PC or printer.
Frequency Range 0.5~15MHz(-3dB)
Attenuation Control 0~110dB in the steps of 0.1dB
Vertical Linearity Error ≤4%
Dynamic Range ≥30dB
Detection Range 3~4800mm(Longitudinal wave in steel)
Vertical Linearity Error ≤0.4%
Rectification full Wave, half wave positive or negative settings
Rejection 0~80%
Pulse Shift 0~5000mm(Longitudinal wave in steel)
Power Requirements Main Machine: DC 12V; Charger: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Battery 12V/3.5Ah Ni-MH
Detection Sensitivity ≥60dB(200Ф2 flat bottom hole)
Far Distance Resolution ≤5mm (with 2.5P20 probe), by JIS Z 2352
Detection Parameters 1000 sets detection parameters storable and recallable
Waveform Parameters 1000 sets waveform parameters storable , replayable or printable
Weight about 1.8kg with batteries
Dimensions 165mm×85mm×240mm