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CTS-9003 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

CTS-9003 is all-digital mono-channel USFD, with small size, big screen, light weight, conpact structure, advanced circuitry design and process. It's applicable, easy-handling, stable and interference-free.

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CTS-9003 is all-digital mono-channel USFD, with small size, big screen, light weight, conpact structure, advanced circuitry design and process. It's applicable, easy-handling, stable and interference-free.

  • 160MHz sampling frequency and broadband, low-noise amplifier, fine wavefrom with fidelity.
  • 640×480 lattice color TFT-LCD,high definition and optional colors.
  • Real-time kernel OS, great auxiliary.
  • Rating keyboard design, easy and simple, convenient to handle and master.
  • Advanced circuitry design and process, reliable with stable performance.
  • Small size, light weight, portable and promising in field.
  • Documentation: able to save, recall, replay, output condition data and flaw waveform, generate reports.
  • Com: able to connect to PC, transfer realtime waveform and condition data, convenient for documentation and administration on PC.
  • Software Upgrade and Customization.
Range Test Range 0.0~10000mm (Longitudinal wave in steel), continuously adjustable and with the minimum step of 0.1mm
Material Velocity 1000~15000m/s, continuously adjustable,built-in 30 sound velocity sets of commonly used material
Pulse Shift -20~3000μs
Probe Zero 0~999.9μs
Transmitting Pulse Transmitting Pulse Mode Negative spike wave
Pulse Repetition Frequency 25~800Hz,automatic or manual adjustment
Transmitting Energy High(600V) or low(300V)
Operating Mode Single or double
Damping 400、150、80、60Ω
Receive and Magnify Sampling Frequency 160MHz based on the hardware
Up to 640MHz by improving digital signal processing when the detection range is less than 8mm (Longitudinal wave in steel)
Gain 0.0~110.0dB in the steps of 0.1/1.0/2.0/6dB,Provides intelligent and fast adjustment function
Spectrum band 0.5~15MHz, choice of broadband or narrowband
Gate Two gates, full-screen display respectively and adjustable
Measuring Mode Select front edge or peak of pulse wave in gate
Rectification Full wave,negative and positive half wave, RF
Reject 0~99%
Unit mm and μs
Alarm Alarm Mode Hardware alarm: selectable coincidence or anticoincidence wave alarm, the minimum thickness alarm and DAC alarm
Alarm Signal Acoustic-optical alarm: buzzer and LED lighting diode
Display Display Screen Hi-resolution TFT color display screen
6.5" Ultra-large display screen
Adjustable and high brightness
262144 colors
Display Zone 640×480 dot-matrix
Pulse waveform display:450×400 dot-matrix
Work piece across section scanning display:450×320 dot-matrix
Screen Refresh Rate 60Hz
Pulse Wave Represent Mode Color display,selectable filled or hollow display
Control and Interface Keyboard Membrane panel
Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fouling, acid and alkali-resisting, high tigh
Slightly raised key-press with excellent tactility
Convenient key-press position for easy operating
Standard symbol, Chinese
Menus Chinese menus
Single key direct control for commonly used menus
Divide into classes or groups for the other menus
Chinese Input Method Pinying, capital letters, lower case letters and numbers
Keyboard entry
Single hand operation
Operation method like that of mobile phone
Probe Interface Two 00# Lemo@ probe sockets situated on the top of the instrument
BNC Q9 probe socket(if need,it should be noted in order form)
Computer and Printer Interface High speed USB interface
RS232 serial interface
25-pin parallel print port
Data Storage Shortcut Channel 10 shortcut channels
The data sets of the 10 shortcut channels can be stored prior to test
Can be edited, stored, recalled and reviewed
Display the number of the shortcut channels in the front of waveform zone with clear counter boldface characters
Replace probe quickly
Parameters 100 data sets can be stored
Can be stored, recalled, reviewed, printed and communicated
Test Report 1000 data sets including waveforms can be stored
The waveform can be recalled and displayed on the background of the screen for comparing the real time waveform
Can be stored, recalled, reviewed, printed and communicated
The items such as file name and operator can be edited
B Scan Picture Up to 20 pictures can be stored (color picture)
B scan picture can be added to the test report
Can be stored,browsed,printed and communicated
Continuous Recording Waveform Video continuously recording waveform on the screen
Recording time of 24 minutes
Can be reviewed and communicated
Thickness Measurement Up to 1000 thickness measurement results can be stored in different groups
The unit, minimum and maximum thickness limitations should be the same in a group
Can be edited,reviewed,printed and communicated
Auxiliary Functions Freeze Freeze A scan waveform
Can adjust the parameters which are independent of the waveform position and height after freezing
Frozen waveform can be placed on the background of the display area for comparing with the real-time waveform
Single key direct control
Peak Value Capture the highest point of waveform in gate
Display the highest waveform amplitude
Calibrate the highest echo from the artificial flaw or defect
Single key direct control
Envelope Display the envelope line of the waveform in gate
Expandability Enlarge the waveform in gate to full display area
For observe the waveform conveniently
Store Shortcut Key One of the commonly used key on panel
Can store parameters, test report, B scan and waveform recording
Single key control
Automatic Gain Waveform amplitude in gate can be preset to a desired value
The preset range of 5%~100%
Waveform Contrast The frozen waveform can be placed on the background of the display screen
The stored waveform can be placed on the background of the display screen
The real-time waveforms can be compared the waveform displayed on the background of the display screen
Calibration Automatically calibrate normal probe’s zero offset
Automatically calibrate angle probe’s zero offset and K value (refraction angle)
Automatic Measuring
Instrument’s Main Specification
Vertical Linearity Error
Sensitivity Surplus
Dynamic Range
Electric Noise Level
Locating Flaw Display the flaw depth using normal probe
Display flaw horizontal position and depth, sound path and wave times using angle beam probe
Locating flaw method: front edge or peak
Quantitative Flaw Display waveform amplitude (%) in common testing mode
Display waveform amplitude (%) and dB over SL in DAC testing mode
Display amplitude (%) and equivalent (Ф) in AVG testing mode
Automatic Measuring Crack’s Height Automatically calculate the height of crack of work piece such as weld
Reject Linearity reject without influence on instrument’s specification
Screen Protection Save power for long time operation
Matching Probe Provides two steps of transmitting energy and four steps of damping
Various probes can be matched
Excellent sensitivity and resolution with no receiving waveform distortion
Curved Surface Correction Suitable for testing internal and external curved surface
Automatically correct flaw detection results according to the diameter of curved surface
DAC Curve
(see attached figure A)
Up to 99 points can be recorded
Each point can be edited and deleted,inserted
Include three additional curves (evaluation curve, quantitative curve and judge waste curve
Each point can be connected with folding line or smooth line
Can be shifted according to the change of dB and range etc
Can be created, edited, stored, deleted and recalled
AVG Curve
(see attached figure B)
Suitable for detecting forge etc
Only need to record a reference point
Obtain the other quantitative AVG curves according to the diameter of flat bottom hole of a reference point
Can be created, edited, stored, deleted and recalled
Specifications Vertical Linearity Error ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.1%
Sensitivity Surplus >60dB(200Ф2 flat bottom hole)
Resolution >36dB
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Electric Noise Level <10%
Extendable Software Special flaw detection technologies can be added according to the requirements of users and industries
Others Power Supply Selectable batteries or AC power
1. Large storage lithium batteries without memory effect for 6 hours of continuous use
2. AC 220V(with adapter)
Charger (Power Adapter) Charger (Power Adapter)
Temperature -30℃~60℃
Dimension 250mm×186mm×59mm
Weight Approx. 2 Kg