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CTS-1008 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The CTS-1008 digital ultrasonic flaw detector is developed with state-of-the-art analog and digital technology as an embodiment of 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing newest ultrasonic devices.

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The CTS-1008 digital ultrasonic flaw detector is developed with state-of-the-art analog and digital technology as an embodiment of 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing newest ultrasonic devices.


This instrument weighs as light as only 1.4kg. It is a full-featured and reliable instrument which can be used in various industries. It is designed with different types of ports to meet various requirements from the users. Besides an ultrasonic flaw detector, it could be used as a square wave pulser.

  • Advanced design of the circuitry, 640MHz sampling frequency and 640×480 resolution assure quick and accurate display and analysis on the flaw signals even when they're weak, which guarantees the real-timing and authenticity of the flaw signals.
  • High performance square wave pulser with tunable square wave drive technology allows optimized match with the transducer performance, which brings this instrument excellent penetrability and high signal-noise ratio as to materials of high acoustic impedance or thick work pieces, but high resolution to composite materials or thin blocks.

    Graph 1
    Non-inductance coil for square wave drive, frequency 5MHz. Tunable pulse width offers the most suitable sensitivity and resolution. As the square wave width equals to half a period of the transducer's frequency (5MHz, tuned to 100ns), the sensitivity reaches highest. As the square wave width equals to one period of the transducers' frequency (5MHz, tuned to 210ns), the resolution reaches highest. Under the same voltage condition, Sensitivity drived by square wave is more than 12dB higher up than which is drived by negative pulse peak.

  • Special design of the ports makes it an independent tunable square wave pulser.
  • High-speed LAN port allows remote data transference and management, as well as multiple sets networking. USB host port can both be connected to equipments of large storage volume like USB flash disk and input tools such as USB-port mouse for accurate and effective analysis on waveforms.
  • Synchronous analogue or RF waveform output makes it an eligible outsource of signals for data collection or transducer testing.
  • 5.7” size TFT multi-colored LCD with high resolution (640×480) gives finer view to the signal details, which help making efficient judgment of flaws.
  • Inset smart battery power-charger, auto detection and indication of the power supply by battery or DC; auto switch between “charge” and “work”. Double temperature-protection for battery and the charger secures safety during use.
  • Humanized design of the menu, see Graph 3 Handling means is optional for originated panel and multi-purposed knob, which makes convenience and comfort during operation. English/Chinese language menu options and different ways of inputting words get your statistics forms and reports done easily.

    Graph 3
    In this page, the mostly used sets are automatically preferred and tuned up. “"Auto-dB" is intended for tuning the in-gate wave amplitude to its supposed height. “"A-EXPAND" is intended for Zooming the wave to screen-large with details more resolvable. "W-CREST" is intended for spotting the flaw signals without handling the gate."SCR-PARA" is intended for listing all the parameters involved during detection, either to be checked or set.

  • Different inset app. softwares is applicable to various cases; The proposed assessment rule for flaw size equivalent set by American Petroleum Institute "API 5UE" and welding standard classification set by American Welding Society "AWS D1.1" are added up to the system, facilitating the detection.
  • Auto-test on the transducer frequency, intelligent optimization on the square wave width, making transducers, device and the work-pieces the best match.
  • The detection course could be stored as copies (Video) of dynamic graphs or footages and to be replayed as to thickness gage, alarming and wave variation, with different detection modes. See Graph 4.

    Graph 4
    Thickness gauge modes are optional for mono or dual, resolution to 0.1mm. The results can be stored as pictures up to 200 sets at most, and the alarming status can be set and reviewed.

  • The in-gate waves will change the color when alarming while DAC curve alarming employs different color changes. See Graph 5.

    Graph 5

  • Nice structure and appearance designed according to Ergonomics, makes it reality that an instrument with 5.7” size display and in-set battery weighs only 1.4kg. No peer manufacturers have ever managed to.
Attenuator Every 12dB ± 1dB
Equivalent Input Noise <40×10-9 V/√HZ
Transmitter Pulse Transmission Pulse Voltage of the square wave: 25~250V, tunable with the increment of 25V.
Transmission Mode Mono or Dual
Damping 400、80Ω
Frequency 0.5~20MHz.Broad band/Narrow band optional
Gain 0.0~110.0dB. Four shifts of increment 0.1/1.0/2.0/6.0dB.Shift 0.1dB is a smart speed-up jumper as triggered
Material Velocity 1000~15000m/s continuously tunable. 30 sets of common material velocities are selectable
Range 0.0~10000.0mm(longitudinal wave at steel velocity). The range is tunable with min 0.1mm increments
Detection positive,negative,full,RF
Alarm Alarming conditions of wave-gain, wave-loss, min thickness and DAC are optional
Real-time alarming indicated by horn or LED indicator
Display 5.7" (640×480) high-resolution TFT color LCD
Pulse offset -7.5~3000μs
Probe Zero Offset 0~999.9μs
Pulse Repetition Frequency 25~1000Hz, auto and manual modes optional
Vertical Linearity Error ≤3%
Vertical Linearity Error ≤0.1%
Surplus Sensitivity ≥63dB(200Ф2 flat bottom hole)
Resolution ≥34dB (5P14)
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Reject (0~90)%
RF Output Impedance 50Ω
Synchronous Data Collection and Output Mode Open Collector gate (OC gate)
Noise Level <10%
Port C6/Q9(customized) transducer connector(socket)
Power Supply Large-capacity Li Battery, no memory effect. Battery running time: more than 6 hours
I-set charger, AC Mains 220V
Environmental Temperature -30~50℃
Relative Humidity 20%~95%RH
Weight 1.4Kg(with battery)
Dimension 240mm×172mm×44mm

    Railway, Electric Power, Special Equipment, Pressure Vessel, Aerospace and Aviation, Petrochemistry, Shipbuilding

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