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TOFD Scanner SCQtofd-2

The SCQtofd-2 scanner is a multi-function universal scanner.

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The SCQtofd-2 scanner is a multi-function universal scanner featuring compact and small size, light weight and low cost for TOFD inspection of welds, especially for inspection of accurate quantitative flaws by parallel scanning.

  • Especially suitable for scanning plane limited.
  • Rapid replacement of probes and wedges.
  • Convinient istallment, especially suitable for inspection of quantitative falws using parallel scanning.
PCS Stretch Matched with TOFD wedges (front edge: 8mm) manufactured by Goworld, the PCS adjustment range of 20mm~300mm (user customizable).
Encoder accuracy 10 step/mm
Encoder Interface Industry-standard encoder interface complies with the new rules and other TOFD testing standards.

1)Single channel TOFD inspection or dual channel PE inspection.

2)Parallel or nonparallel TOFD scanning mode.

3)Suitable for scanning planes or pipes of more than 60 mm diameter.

4) Combined with CTS-1008plus or CTS-2009 ultrasonic flaw detector.