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CTS-1010H Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Rail Welds

Model CTS-1010H digital ultrasonic flaw detector is developed with the leading technique in domestic market: square wave drive. Stable in performance, portable in carriage, easy in operation, it's a device of high price-to-cost.

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Model CTS-1010H digital ultrasonic flaw detector is developed with the leading technique in domestic market: square wave drive. Stable in performance, portable in carriage, easy in operation, it's a device of high price-to-cost. It is in accordance with new vessel standard TSG R0004-2009 and with European Standard EN12668-1:2000.


The screen equipped is assumed by 1/2-T-R high resolution TFT screen (640×480), maintaining good working condition outdoors or in intense sunlight. Power is supplied by battery of 6-8 hours life in uninterrupted service.


It only weighs 1.5kg. It is applicable in mobile or aerial working field for petrifaction, pressure vessel, electricity power and railway transportation.

  • Six special detection channels, the parameters of each channel can be adjusted independently. Parameter setting interface allows full screen display for seeing clearly. Each channel corresponds to F1-F6 shortcut key for convenient switching channel after replacing probe during flaw detection.
  • Easy to use with ergonomics-optimized menu design based on the operation process of "Parameter Settings -> Calibration-> DAC Creation -> Flaw Detection" corresponding to the interface setting button of "Channel -> Calibration -> DAC - Detection".
  • Multi-function shortcut keys provide for convenient operation by user customable pressing key function and cover all the features of the instrument.
  • Sophisticated circuitry with 640MHz sampling frequency enables the system to quickly reflect the signals of the flaws and interpret them accurately to detail no matter how weak and small they are, which ensures real-timeness and truthfulness of the echo signals.
  • Advanced square wave drive renders the device extraordinarily penetratable with high signal-to-noise ratio when applied on high attenuating materials or thick works. Adjustable drive pulse width, drive voltage, and damping resistance are contributors to high resolution of the device when used on thin works or composites.
  • FIR digital filtering technique enhances excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Probe frequency spectrum scoping gives you the overview of the engaged probe. Quality 5.7" trans-reflecting TFT screen (640×480),suitable for working outdoors or under sunlight.
  • EN12688-1:2000 compliant, long and continuous record and storage, meets TSG R0004-2009 requirements.
  • Auto velocity adjustment to the materials being worked on, and adaptation of the parameters like time delay, K value to different probes; DAC and AVG figures could be easily organized and drawn on.
  • SD card port for mass storage; USB port for extended volume from U disk, and for extended control from keyboard or mouse, realizing communication, data transference and paperborne output with PC.
  • Ergonomics-optimized structure and appearance with multi-angledly adjustable handle, Weighing 1.5kg, including built-in battery and charger for easy operation and carriage.
Transmission Pulse negative square wave; voltage adjustable from 25 to 250V in continuity, with step of 25V; width adjustable from 30 to 1000ns in continuity, with step of 5ns. On shift 400Ω/200V, both edges shorter than 10ns, and the pulse will be optimized into the drive.
Test Modes Single/Dual
Damping 400、80Ω
Working Frequency Wide-band and narrow-band in shift. Wide:0.5-15MHz; Narrow:1.5~3MHz
Gain 0.0~110.0dB, steps: 0.1/1.0/2.0/6.0dB; automatic speed-up step increment on Shift 0.1 Db
Velocity Option 1000~1500m/s, adjustable in continuity; 30 pre-set nominated velocities for common materials
Coverage 0.0~10000mm (Steel Longitudinal wave), adjustable in continuity, min step 0.1mm
Rectification positive, negative, full-play, RF
Threshold and Alarm Two thresholds/gates with optional hardware drive real-time alarm conditions
progressive wave, regressive wave and DAC figure; acoustic or optical alarm signaling
Measure mode: peak, front edge
Display 5.7"TFT color LCD, resolution 640×480
Pulse shift -7.5~3000μs
Probe Zeroing 0~999.9μs
Pulse Repetitive Frequency 25~800Hz, automatic adjustment
Vertical Linearity Error ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.4%
Surplus Sensitivity ≥60dB (200Φ2 flat bottom hole
Resolution ≥36dB(Probe Model: 5MHz 14mm Dia)
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Reject (0~90)%; no detriment to the linearity and gain
Noise level <10% (steel longitudinal wave,250mm)
Port transmission connector: Q9 (BNC)
Micro SD port
Power Supply Li Battery with large capacity and of no memory effect, potent for 6~8 hours
In-built charger (or outsource); AC power: 220V
Ultrasonic Standards compatible with EN12668-1
in accordance with JB/T 10061-1999
Weight around 1.50kg (in-built battery and charger)
Dimension 246mm×166mm×47mm