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CTS-04PC Multi-channeled Ultrasonic Flaw Detecting Chip Board

The CTS-04PC is a kind of multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detecting chip board based on PCI Bus. Each chip board bears 4 channels.

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The CTS-04PC is a kind of multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detecting chip board based on PCI Bus. Each chip board bears 4 channels.


The whole multi-ultrasonic flaw detecting system could be extended to a multi-channel one with 4 channels, 8 channels or even 12 channels as you want, by the combination of chip boards together with an IPC.


The program software is based on Windows Series and could be further developed according to different applications. It could make up various automatic detecting systems and cable assemblies, which is applicable in industries like metallurgy, steel, railway, and machinery.

  • Waveforms from different channels can be displayed at the same time, and the waveform from the main channel is displayed in larger scale. Others are displayed in small sketch image(See the next picture)

    Waveform on Main channel is to be displayed in large window as to be viewed clearly with details and data.
    Other channel is displayed in small sketch just to be viewed generally with its alarming status.
    Main channel could be switched and fully viewed at any time as its waveform sketch is clicked.

  • Each board bears 4 transmission channels and could be switched to reception. 8, 12 and even 16 channels could be explored as more boards are equipped. The transmission sequence of the boards could be synchronized and randomly arranged. And transmission interval could be defined as you want.(See the next picture)

    You can choose one of these modes among transmission.
    loop & repetition frequency, in-built parallel loop, order loop and so on.
    The customer can define whether to transmit and the interval term at any time.

  • Each channel has a tracing gate (G gate) & two alarming gates (A & B).
  • It can record, store or replay the dynamic or static waveforms, generate the detection report and send its printed copy.
  • The scanned data in each frame contain the position information, which help form a fine ultrasonic imaging system.

    The above picture is the 360 degree layout imaging picture from some automatic detector.
    The red spot in the picture is the place where the flaw is, the red belt refers to the echo of the workpiece's cascade structure.
    Those echoes that do not surpass the alarming threshold are showed by grey scale.

  • It offers two rotative encoder ports, and other ports for the information input and output of proximity switch, sprayer and alarming. Besides, it spares another 10 ports for other extended actions.
  • Database: User who is capable of further software development can develop it by VC++, C++ Builder, VB.
  • User can achieve network management by connecting it to computers through Ethernet or other network devices.
Square Wave Excitation -400 adjustable, width adjustable, step 10ns, edge≤12ns
Repetition Frequency the highest 10KHz each channel
Impedance 400/80Ω
Frequency band width 0.5MHz~15MHz,replacable wave-filtering module. Narrow bands of 2.5MHz, 5MHz could be on board. Pass-bands of other center frequency could be realized by replacing the wave-filter module.
Sensitivity surplus ≥56dB(coupled with probe of 2.5P20,can detect a flat bottom aperture 200mm away from the contact interface).
Amplitude Range 0~110dB, step 0.1/1.0/2.0/6.0dB,or default by entering.
Time compensation gain Supporting TCG Curve
Sampling Rate 100MHz
Rectification full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, RF
Test Modes transmission and reception separately, the unit could be extended as to take on both transmission and reception function on one channel.
Resolution capacity ≥30dB
Vertical Linearity ≤3%
horizontal linearity ≤0.4%
Detection Range 1~10,000mm
Reject 1~90%
Dynamic Rang ≥32dB(coupled with2.5P20 Probe)

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